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Interracial relationships show America’s true colors

Virginia case that eradicated laws prohibiting interracial marriages … to even questioning our sex life, as if any of that is anyone’s business but our own.” She continued, “When asking these questions, many seem to forget I am myself, biracial.

Apartheid in America

Rejecting intermarriage, though, did not mean no interracial sex. “Free whites and enslaved blacks had engaged in interracial sex since the arrival of slaves in America in the 1620s.” And there were those who rejected the general rule of no intermarriage.

I Want Your (Black) Sex

America is afraid of sex. Specifically, America is afraid of black sex. Whether it be between two black folks or in an interracial tango, black sexuality is still one of the greatest taboos when it comes to the screen. Films with black love and black sex …

Hot or Not: How to Sell ‘Sex With Strangers’

“You get to fill in what sex means to you.” Ms. McNamara said the typeface … David Saint, the theater’s artistic director, said that a black-and-white photo for an interracial cast “felt more dramatic and interesting and sensual and provocative …

Interracial Couple Evicted Because of Their Relationship

A Tupelo, Mississippi, RV park owner admitted to evicting an interracial couple from his park because neighbors were complaining that a black man and a white woman were living together, the Clarion-Ledger reports. Erica Dunahoo and Cole Hoskins were …

Parish murder trial begins today

VIDALIA — Following a day of questioning prospective jurors on their views of interracial, homosexual sex, opening statements in the trial of a Natchez man accused of killing a Monterey man are expected to begin today. Judge Kathy Johnson swore the eight …

5 Ways Porn Is Bizarrely Racist Behind The Scenes

Sadly, interracial porn may be so popular because it’s considered a shameful, unnatural deviation from the norm. The thrill of the forbidden is a big part of porn’s appeal. There’s a reason the #2 most-used language for searches for “gay sex” is Arabic.